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Subject: The Chris Elliott guide to method acting
From: "John Vsetula" 
100 years from now when we are all a bunch of rotting stinking bones beeing
pecked over by the invading supergoats, there must be some record of Chris'
contribution to humanity. Perhaps they could clone him from a lock of his
precious hair. Regardless I am compiling a file on Chris' method actingstyle(similar to that of Marlon Brando or Freddie Prince)This is a work in progress...feel free to contribute
1. Amazement: wide eyed, mouth rounded to a small O, head nodding slowly
2. Affection: head tilted up, bite lower lip, press lips together
3. Joy: a banana dance-two steps forward two steps back with as little
movement in the upper torso as possible. Arms akimbo or with one hand
pointing up as a flourish. You must work up a sweat
4. Shock: both hands to mouth with a girlish gasp
5. Lust: : pained look on face, stick out rear while sitting and making
straining noises
6. dissatisfaction: The Face
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