[IMAGE] Check out these web sites:
The #1 Chris Elliott Page
The #2 C.E. page: Dan's Get A life Home Page (has not been working lately 11/28/97)
Chris Elliott Pictures
Get A Life Scripts (in zip form)
and check out the CE newsgroup:
alt.culture: Elliott, Chris this is from E! online.
Chris Elliott is the messiah page has great rare pics of chris!!
Chris Elliott site
In Spanish (i think) Chrissy site
Chris Elliott is Invincible
The Super Happy Fun Book 2000
Chris Elliott this page has a pic. of gus!! and a pic of chris!! but to understand this page i think it helps if you understand spanish.                                                         
Tapes for trade
Chris Gets Naked

Super Wacky Wonderful World of [k]Pants
Chris Elliott Shrine
The Naked Truth
Supplies for CE fans
Chris's rating
Another Spanish (?) site
Mandy's Chris Elliott site
Get a Life