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Mr. Bogus wrote

Taking a cue from the re-release of the Star Wars trilogy
into movie theatres, Cabin Boy, the movie you got to see for one
week in January of 1994 is back! This time with digitally enhanced
graphics and sound effects! Including extra scenes added in
cut from the wildly hilarious "Get a Life" program that spawned
a million copycat sitcoms. SEE! Chris getting tobbacco spit on
him from a computerized fat, floatin' cupcake! Its all new! Plus
see Chris getting killed a million times taken from archival footage
of GAL painstakingly recolored in kpants-vizion 2000!
To add to the major excitement this movie re-release will
surely cause, Denny's restraunts around the NY area are offering
cheese-flavored kpants in limited, collector's quanities. Buy a
ticket, see the movie, feel the magic all over again, buy the actionÿï
figures! Buy 20 Fancy Lad TM Chris action figures, get a free
SPEWEY and knife-weilding Sharon! (DISCLAIMER: info may be fake)
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