From AFCEY Land

WOW!! I am going to camp out in front of my local googoplex now! My only
question is will they have the cut footage where chris gets stuck out in
the snow and has to crawl inside the belly of that big spacemonkey? What
about the scene after where they stick chris in a big container of velveeta
to revive him. Is it scary? Will I need to bring a parent? Note: I vomited
during Bambi due to its graphic death scenes. come on bogus dish out some
of that skinny. Has Jimmy Harris seen it? Does he know if there are any
scenes where chris gets kicked/kneed in the groin and if so, how many
times? Enquiring minds want to know. You smellt it you dealt it. 30 days
hath september...

John Vsetula-Prince of Machabelli

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