From AFCEY Land

Subject: A Poem
From: The Skinners
I hope some people get this poem. If they don't, I'll appear the
schizophrenic. Actually, that wouldn't be all bad. And now, my
trademark loss of coherence:
"A Nine Followed By Two Zeros," by Katy

And so we doth set out to embarrass
A one Miss Jimmy Bob Harris,
By day a fan of Chris and regular Joe
By night a lover of Fabio.

It seems there's a poetic side
To Harris, and he takes much pride
In composing sonnets to a man
Named Fabio, to whom he's a fan.

Harris is the king of mockers
A riot to make one wet one's Dockers,
The world has so much to make fun of!
Like Chris in a porno or Fabio love-ove.

Is he your foe or is he your fan?
Is he being honest or is he dead-pan?
Whether a joker or whether legitimate
Mr. Harris is obviously not an illiterate.

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