From: The Skinners <>
From AFCEY Land

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 21:39:01 -0700
Message-id: <>

HYPISIS wrote:
> As for a boring newsgroup, yeah it is

I have a hypothetical question for the various people who have over the
months taken the time to post how BORING this newsgroup is:

What is a NEWSGROUP supposed to do??  Is it supposed to some sort of
orgasmic experience??  What, are we supposed to look to NEWSGROUPS for
high entertainment?  When I sign on, am I supposed to see confetti,
bells & whistles in a newsgroup?  Are there other newsgroups out there
that are so highly engaging, awe inspiring and life enhancing that this
one pales by comparison?  If so, I'd like to read these newsgroups.
I've browsed a few promising ones and they were about like this one.  To
those who post that this newsgroup is boring I ask; what are you
EXPECTING from a newsgroup?  Newsgroups aren't a rollercoaster.  They
aren't graduation day.  They aren't even a hot fudge sundae.  What are
you expecting from a newsgroup, an epiphany??

Just wondering,

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