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[1] Yes, GOD invented GAL....

To Invisible Maniac and everyone else:

   Yes, God did indeed invent "Get A Life".  As it is written: "And
it shall come to pass, that a rubbery-faced being shall amuse a
multitude of TV viewers with a short-lived comedy series, and all
who follow this zany being shall be allowed to enter the Temple of
Paperboy 2000, and there shall be much rejoicing and peeing on the
captain of the police force.  Yea, this being shall be called 'Chris',
and the series shall be known as 'Get A Life'.  But a soothsayer
shall prophesize the cancellation of this series before its time,
and there will be much weeping and a demand for videotaped copies
of the show.  And so a 'Newsgroup' shall be created, to allow the
memory of 'Get A Life' to be blessed with eternal life, despite the
evil postings by 'get-rich-schemers' and 'Chris-haters'."

  (Sorry, the remainder of the scrolls are too wet to read... not
   because they were found in the Dead Sea, but because Spewey did
   something to them...)

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